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Monthly seminars

Scholars from various academic backgrounds deliver/present papers to the audience(s) comprising scholars from various academic and professional callings.

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In May 2005, a new chapter was opened in the history of the Institute when it hosted the Gelede & Ife Festival of the Arts.
This feat was repeated in April 2008 when the Ife Festival of the Arts drew world attention on the theme: Masks, Masquerades and Marionettes.

Twin 7.7.
Celebration of 'Life and Arts of Twins Seven Seven'. On 28th September, 2011 at the Pit Theatre from 11am. Speakers at the event includes Chief Muraina Oyelami, Chief Jimoh Buraimoh, Chief Yemi Elebuibon, Dr. Eben Sheba and Mrs Margaret Oyin-Adejobi

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