The Fellowship of the Institute of Cultural Studies is a process whose aim is to promote active engagement with notable scholars and specialists, both academics and indigenous intellectual within and outside the university community. Since the Institute is not a strictly academic department, the objective of the Fellowship is to guaranty the availability of sound intellectual minds to anchor the teaching and transfer of knowledge in the diverse fields of cultural importance and interest to the community. The Fellowship is not endowed with any financial remuneration. However, Fellows are recognized as members of the ICS team and can be nominated by the Director to represent the Institute at national or international events in accordance with their areas of specialization. ICS Fellows are considered as special collaborator of the Institute and the category of qualified individuals may include academic researchers, royal fathers, indigenous intellectuals like , aworos, babalawos, iyanifas, babalorisas and iyalorisas, , film-makers, cultural icons, traditional sculptors, smiths and other categories of local artists and technologists, guild leaders, etc.

A Fellowship Award Ceremony of the ICS shall be held annually to honour outstanding and potential fellows as part of the University Convocation Ceremony.



ICS Monthly Seminar Series: The ICS Monthly Seminar Series is a vibrant academic platform which host regular seminar presentations by scholars from the most diverse academic and disciplinary backgrounds ranging from medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and other medical, biological and basic sciences, including Agriculture, to computer and technology-based and other engineering fields. Participants are also drawn from the Social Sciences, Humanities and Law as well as Traditional Institutions. Papers presented and widely critiqued at the ICS Monthly Seminar Series, after passing through a rigorous peer review process, form the bulk of the articles published in the IFÈ: Journal of the Institute of Cultural Studies (IJICS), a bi-annual journal that has been in circulation since the early 1980s. Also, since 2017 regular attendees of the ICS Monthly Seminar have the opportunity of taking their academic discussions beyond the ICS Seminar Room by engaging in a round the hour discussion of burning current and relevant topics of local, national and global importance via the ICS Seminar List WhatsApp group created and hosted by the current director. Thanks to the vibrancy of the group, participants from as far away as the USA, Latin America and Caribbean countries, Europe, Australia and diverse African countries converge daily on the platform to discuss topics ranging from the latest developments in science and technology, to governance, global health challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and other topical issues in an atmosphere of academic freedom and mutual respect for inter-disciplinary and cross-generational boundaries.