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The Fellowship of the Institute of Cultural Studies is a process whose aim is to promote active engagement with notable scholars and specialists, both academics and indigenous intellectual within and outside the university community. Since the Institute is not a strictly academic department, the objective of the Fellowship is to guaranty the availability of sound intellectual minds to anchor the teaching and transfer of knowledge in the diverse fields of cultural importance and interest to the community. The Fellowship is not endowed with any financial remuneration. However, Fellows are recognized as members of the ICS team and can be nominated by the Director to represent the Institute at national or international events in accordance with their areas of specialization. ICS Fellows are considered as special collaborator of the Institute and the category of qualified individuals may include academic researchers, royal fathers, indigenous intellectuals, film-makers, cultural icons, traditional sculptors, smiths and other categories of local artists and technologists, guild leaders, etc.

A Fellowship Award Ceremony of the ICS shall be held annually to honour outstanding and potential fellows as part of the University Convocation Ceremony.



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