Institute of Cultural Studies, Beside Pit Theater, OAU, Ile-Ife.
Mon - Fri 08:00-16:00

Mission & Objectives


    • To actualize the second segment of the University Motto: For Learning and Culture

    • To engage the large society through active projection of the town and gown policy of the University

    Major Objectives of ICS:

    • Regular mounting of Arts Exhibitions and periodic hosting of the famed Ife Festival of the Arts

    • Conduct of inter-disciplinary research in to African, especially Yoruba Arts, Science and Technology

    • Organization of Learned conferences, symposia, workshops, seminars, public and special lectures on cultural issues and personalities.

    • Documentation of significant traditional technologies, ceremonies and festivals.

    • Publications and dissemination of information’s and research findings on various aspects of African Cultural life and praxis

    • Provisions of Detailed and up-to-date archival and bibliographic information for researchers.

    • Serving as a ‘linkage-base’ for researchers on cultural studies from various parts of the world, thereby promoting a healthy exchange of research findings and information’s.